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Finally, a resource for parents that want good, clean shows for their kids. Find classic and recent releases - movies and videos that you can watch with your children.


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Parents of little ones have to be especially careful these days. Even PG videos that are supposed to be kid-friendly can contain offensive language or violence. You shouldn't have to be embarrassed when watching a movie with your child by hearing the kind of language that you are trying to teach your kids not to use. Or, you should be able to feel confident when you are not able to be right there with your kids when they are watching a movie. G-Rated videos are available, but are increasingly hard to find. We designed this site with you - the parent of small children - in mind. You will plenty of good material here for your kids.

There are still great G-Rated movies being made. Instant classics such as The Princess Diaries, The Lion King, Toy Story, and Aladdin were huge box office successes. Yet, they offered good clean fun and moral lessons that you could discuss with your children.

However, there is still a gravitation of the major movie studios to PG movies. Actually, a lot of good clean movies are being produced, but less of them are making their way to the big screen theaters. Most of them go straight to video releases.

We hope that trend will change, and that even more family friendly films and movies rated G, will be released by the major studios. Until then, we hope you can find what you want at G-Rated Videos.com.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can provide for you and your children.

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